Want To Make Cash? COMING SOON!

Blck Sun Apparel is a trendsetting Online Clothing Store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. Though now we are offering our customers a chance to make quick cash, on something that may often be overlooked.


Today many people have very large social media followings, though many do not understand the potential for cash that may bring them. Blck Sun Apparel has began to look into the future, and are bringing you along on this journey of success. In this day and age more and more people of all ages are joining the digital age and shopping online. 


We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience.

Whats the plan?

In this day and age more than 82% of businesses use social media as a form of advertising tool, we are no exception. The idea is that with a wide range of youth being exposed to more and more social marketing, as well as shopping online. We plan on taking advantage of that. This program will allow our customers to make cash for themselves, simply buy using there social media followers as a stable supply of income.


Once a person subscribes to our membership and is approved. They will then be given a personalized promo code that will identify them. This promo code will then be renewed every month or so with new discounts that will then be offered to your followers. The more your customers shop the more you get paid. The chart below shows the levels that, subscribers can achieve as well as the percentage that will be given once the level is achieved 

Achievement Levels

Level 1- 100/monthly 

           - 6% sales payoff bonus 


Level 2- 300/monthly 

            - 7% sales payoff bonus 


Level 3- 600/monthly 

             - 8% sales payoff bonus 


Level 4- 1200/monthly 

             - 9% sales payoff bonus


Level 5- 2500/monthly 

            - 12% sales payoff bonus

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Joseph Warnell

  I had a large social media following, but never knew how to make money from it. I am bringing in a extra $2000 a month after i signed up

Isaac Theadore

Before i signed up for this program, i was a struggling college student. I had no money but i had a active and large social media account. Teaming up with Blck Sun Apparel has showed me the untapped potential of profit social media offers

Daryl Griffen

this has allowed me to make quick cash, while i work on my own business. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!